Best Storage Supplies
October 16, 2020

The Best Storage Supplies for Packing Boxes

There are a lot of factors to consider when you first get started with self storage. Ideal Self Storage knows this and provides resources to guide you along the process. Start by talking to one of our knowledgeable staff members to determine the type and size of storage unit you need. Then, when you are ready to pack up your items, visit one of our 11 Pennsylvania locations to find the best storage supplies selection across the state. A portion of our October storage supplies sales will go to Susan G. Komen in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Follow these tips as you pack!

1. Save Your Small Boxes for Your Heaviest Objects

It is easy to get stuck in the “large objects go in large boxes” mentality. But those boxes are going to accumulate weight quickly. Protect your back and the box itself by storing heavy items in smaller boxes. You will carry less weight at a time, and the item will take up more of the surface area of the bottom of box, so it will not break through. You large boxes can be used for lighter objects that do not pose a risk of breaking the box.

Need more boxes? Come by our office for boxes, bubble wrap, and more!

2. Create Labels for Everything

Do you know items are in each of your boxes? Fix that by adding labels or creating a cheat sheet. Valuable information to add includes the room the box of items belongs in, as well as a list of the contents of the box. When you need to find something, you can look on the side of the box or in your notebook instead of having to dig through multiple boxes.

3. Reserve Storage with Ideal Self Storage

Ideal Self Storage lets you choose to rent or reserve your storage. Renting completes the transaction right away, and you can move in right after. Reserving saves your storage unit for a future date. You do not have to enter any credit card information at the time of reservation, but you do have to complete the payment before your move-in date. 

The Best Storage Supplies and Storage Units Come from Ideal Self Storage

Ideal Self Storage has 11 storage locations across Pennsylvania—5 offices, and 6 annexes. All provide affordable storage units to their respective communities, and all the offices sell the best storage supplies to help you pack. Ready to find your storage solution? Check out our different locations to see which one is closest to you!