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December 5, 2020

How to Store Your Vehicle for the Winter

It is December, folks. And the chances that you currently have a vehicle sitting idle somewhere on your property because you cannot currently use it are high. Ideal Self Storage has 10 locations in Pennsylvania, ready to take on your storage needs. Find the one closest to you, and see how our experts can match you with the right storage for your budget and situation. Check out our tips below before you store your vehicle for the winter.

Vacuum and Clean Inside

Get rid of crumbs and wrappers to avoid attracting any pests into your vehicle. Winter months are cold, and critters are looking for warm places to take shelter. Vacuum the carpet and seats, and then wipe down hard surfaces.

Scrub and Wax the Exterior

The whole purpose of putting your vehicle in self storage is to protect it from potential damage when it comes to weather or street parking. Cleaning the exterior provides a seal of protection before you cover it for storage. Scrub off the dirt and bugs, and give it a good wax finish to conserve your paint job.

Fill Your Gas Tank

You should fill up your gas tank before bringing your vehicle to an Ideal Self Storage facility. Moisture can build up in the gas tank, causing your car to run poorly. A full tank does not leave any room for moisture to form. Adding stabilizer can also help, and you should add it to your full gas tank especially if you plan to store your vehicle for the winter or more than three months. 

Ideal Self Storage

Picking out and renting self storage has never been easier. Ideal Self Storage has contactless online storage rentals, so you can find and rent storage near you at your closest self storage facility or online. Because we have a large number of storage facilities, we are equipped with all the necessary storage features, including drive-up storage units and outdoor parking for vehicle storage. Our knowledgeable staff members are ready to assist you on-site or over the phone. Rent today!

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