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February 4, 2021

Save on Self Storage Units When You Refer a Friend

Thinking about moving? Many people decided to up and move recently, especially in the first six months of the pandemic. But why? We break it down for you below. When you do decide to move, come to Ideal Self Storage to find a storage unit to organize your belongings as you settle into your new home. With 10 locations around Eastern Pennsylvania, we have you covered. Refer a friend to one of our storage facilities, and you both get $50 off! Rent now!

Why Were People Moving from Cities During the Pandemic?

  1. Cost. The city becomes significantly less fun to live in when you are still paying city rent but do not have access to city attractions and convenience features. People could not go anywhere other than the grocery store for the most part. So if they could only stay in their homes, they were going to find a more affordable place to do so. New York, Brooklyn, and Chicago had the most people move out of their neighborhoods.
  2. Too Many People. Since last March, the standard has been to wear masks and stay six feet apart from one another. City stores, restaurants, and public transportation do not always have the room to make those space accommodations.
  3. Restrictions. To keep people from going out in public more than they need to and spreading germs, governments imposed restrictions to keep people inside their homes. These restrictions were enough for some people to decide that their freedoms were worth a move to an area with fewer restrictions.

Ideal Self Storage’s Refer a Friend Deal

Ideal Self Storage makes the storage process easy, so you can focus on your move. With locations near York, Reading, Pottsville, and Selinsgrove, we are located all over to provide extra for businesses and residents that need it. You can even rent with us completely contact-free. Rent or reserve your storage unit online once you find the Ideal Self Storage facility closest to you!
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