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March 10, 2021

Pack Your Storage Unit with These Tips

Ready to pack your belongings away into your new storage space? Ideal Self Storage not only offers affordable storage options in central Pennsylvania, but we also also provide all the resources necessary to help you settle in. We compiled the three most important tips we have to make sure you pack your storage unit efficiently and get the most out of your space.

3 Tips for Packing Your Storage Unit

  1. Plan your storage unit layout before moving in. You need to leave enough room to navigate through your items—a center aisle generally works well. Pack items together that you will need to access frequently, and store them by door for quick pick up. Keep valuable items away from the door in the back of the unit.
  2. Utilize different boxes’ sizes and weights. Large, heavy boxes make a great base if you plan to stack others on top. Just make sure the ones you stack are sturdy and will not break under the weight of the ones above them.
  3. Label boxes/bins of which you cannot see the contents. This way, you can reference the label when looking for a specific item instead of opening the box and digging through it.
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Renting a Storage Unit with Ideal Self Storage

Ready to find your storage solution in central Pennsylvania? Ideal Self Storage has locations in Dover, York, Sinking Spring, Reading, Hummels Wharf, Pottsville, and St. Clair PA. We offer expert storage advice through our team members at each of our office locations. They can assist you through your contactless storage rental or give you a tour through the facility. Ideal Self Storage makes sure you are paired with the best storage unit for your needs. Browse our available storage units online today to rent or reserve your next storage!