common college storage mistakes
May 7, 2021

Common College Storage Mistakes Every Student Should Avoid

The end of your college semester can be a hectic period of time. You’ve wrapped up your exams, and you’re ready to head home for your break – finding affordable and secure self-storage near your campus is likely one of the last things on your mind. Luckily, Ideal Self Storage is here to help. Ideal Self Storage offers affordable state college storage units to the greater Pennsylvania area. Our company offers 10 distinct locations to meet the needs of its customers. Learn how to be confident in your summer storage rental through our guide detailing common college storage mistakes every student should avoid. Read more below!

Always Avoid Clutter – Organize Your Storage Unit Efficiently

Avoid the headache of an unorganized storage unit – pack your storage space efficiently from the very beginning. Label all boxes and storage bins, and be sure to make use of your storage unit’s “vertical space” – place large storage bins at the base of your unit, and stack smaller more lightly packed boxes on top. Additionally, some renters find it helpful to create an overhead map of their storage unit’s layout. You can also use excel to create a spreadsheet listing all items you place into storage. Be sure to organize your storage layout with a plan in mind. For instance, items such as seasonal clothing and textbooks can be stored close to your storage unit’s entrance for quick and easy access. Similarly, store larger items toward the back of your unit keeping them flush with your walls. Lastly, be sure to use proper packing materials. Larger items should be wrapped and protected using bubble wrap, plastic wrap, or furniture blankets. Visit Ideal Self Storage today for your source of affordable packing and moving supplies. Avoid unnecessary stress and pack your storage unit with a definitive plan in mind!

Always Avoid Downsizing – Pick the Right Storage Size for Your Needs

We understand; as a broke college student you might be tempted renting the smallest size storage unit to save some money over break. Still, there is nothing worse than running out of storage space mid-move. Avoid this potential problem and be sure to pick the right size storage unit for your needs. helps relate how much storage you might need in a recent article highlighting summer storage tips for college students. As they discuss, a smaller 5×5 size storage unit should be sufficient to store a small dorm room or one-bedroom apartment’s contents; however, you should size up to a 5×10 size storage unit if you live in a two or three-bedroom apartment. Use their guide as a reference when considering what size storage unit you should rent. Additionally as helpful, Ideal Self Storage provides a handy free storage calculator online. Input any items you plan to store, and the storage calculator provides an estimate of how much space you should need. Use the square footage provided to help pick out an appropriate storage unit size. Don’t make the mistake of renting too small of a unit!

Always Avoid Overpacking – Sell or Donate Unnecessary Items

As we’ve previously highlighted, your storage unit offers a limited amount of space to work with. Subsequently, you might want to consider donating or selling any items you don’t want carrying over to your next semester. That lumpy and cumbersome mattress in your room, or the stained and sagging floral print sofa in the corner? Consider listing them for sale on a local area marketplace like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, or you can post them on your campus’ message boards. Your items might not be worth much, but the goal is to clear up misused storage space, so any small amount made is a bonus. Look at it as some extra gas money for your car ride home. Alternatively, if the idea of selling your items seems like too much work, you can simply donate them to a nearby church or area thrift store. Regardless of your method, strive to only store items you are sure will be needed when you come back from break.

Ideal Self Storage – Multiple PA Locations

Ideal Self Storage is your first choice for affordable state college storage rentals in the greater Pennsylvania area. Amenities of these facilities include temperature-controlled storage units secured by gated access accessible via personalized keypad entry. Additionally, enjoy the convenience of RV and Boat Storage at select locations, and all facilities are monitored via 24/7 camera surveillance. Enjoy month-to-month rental options – this is the perfect feature for college students within the area looking for affordable summer storage options. Conquer common college storage mistakes this summer and feel confident renting from Ideal Self Storage!

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