Basics About Self Storage You Should Know

When you are preparing your personal belongings for self storage, here are a few basics about self storage you should familiarize yourself with.

So, you’ve run out of room or have another reason to rent a monthly self storage unit. When you have decided on the reputable business that you will use to do so, you need to ask some questions to begin with.

Basics About Self StorageLocks

Ask whether you will need a lock of your own. Not many self storage places provide locks for you, but some may have locking doors, somewhat like a garage door. It’s best to have your own lock, or perhaps you can rent one from the facility. Placing a lock on your unit secures it and gives you peace of mind.


Insurance is sometimes needed. You should purchase your own insurance policy to cover those items you have in storage. Some homeowners policies cover you there, or have a rider you can buy separately to cover your stored items in case of theft, fire, flood, etc. Some self storage businesses offer insurance of their own that you can purchase when you sign up to rent the unit.

Climate Control

If you have fine art, items that are sensitive to temperature and humidity levels like musical instruments, for example, ask about climate control in the units. Those that are climate controlled not only give a constant temperature and humidity level, they also provide a cleaner environment as the dust is much less likely to enter the area. Furniture, especially upholstered, electronics, pictures, and some building materials can be sensitive to environmental factors, too. If you have items that depend on the perfect environment, rent a unit that will accommodate that need.


Transportation of your storage items is your responsibility unless the business offers pick up and moving service. Most people need to rent a truck so if you need to do so, ask about the access so you don’t rent a truck that’s too big to drive up to your rented unit. Be sure to ask about what they can offer you where moving is concerned. Some facilities have free dollies and hand carts you can use, and some even provide moving trucks to borrow for an additional fee.


You may have many more questions if you have never stored anything in this manner. Don’t hesitate to ask at the potential facilities you will use. In fact, asking before you decide which business to use is a good idea as some are more equipped than others. Asking questions can clue you in on their customer service, too.