How to Figure the Right Size for a Self Storage Unit

Most uses of self storage units involve a truckload or two of random stuff taken to the facility and placed inside a unit with no rhyme or reason to it. If you want to just place everything in storage temporarily, you can make do with a unit not much larger than the amount of items you need to store.

Use Self Storage to Make Room for the Holiday Guests

If the holidays are upon you and there is little room in your home to accommodate the guests arriving soon, find a self storage facility and place your excess things there until the holidays are over. Lewisburg PA – Self Storage: The holidays are here and it always seems that they sneak up on us. There’s a […]

Store Your Out of Season Summer Clothing

Secure Self Storage – Packing away clothing that you wore all summer is a great way to clear out your drawers and closets to make room for your fall and winter gear. There’s much more need for space when you bring out the heavy sweaters and coats for the cold weather, so as much as […]