Checklist of Basic Items Needed for Self Storage

Self storage is a handy way to store your unneeded items and those things that might even be in your way at times. Packing is simple and is usually a matter of common sense.

When you’ve made the decision to use a self storage facility for your items that need to be placed out of the way, you will then have to go about the business of packing those items up and preparing them for storage.

Basic Items Needed for Self Storage

Picking a good self storage facility means you’ll be looking for a place that has the appropriate space for what you plan to store. The security is great, the business is properly fenced and has a 24 hour access through a coded pin pad at the main gate, and the management is professional. Now that you have found a place that meets your criteria, the next step is packing up your items and getting them transported to the facility.

The basic necessities for preparing your goods for self storage include several common sense items, and a few that may be more ‘tricks of the trade.’

  • You’ll need boxes, of course. Sturdy boxes and packing tape can usually be purchased through your storage facility or you can obtain them at the local hardware or home improvement store.
  • You’ll need a permanent marker to label the boxes on top and on the sides.

Additional packing materials may include such things as bubble wrap or foam to protect breakables. (Since bubble wrap can be costly, you can use newspaper instead.)

Newspaper when used correctly can provide great protection for things like dishes and ornaments. Simply wad it up and it will provide a nice cushion for inside of a box. Also place the wadded up newspaper in the bottom and along the sides of the box for best results.

A lock for the storage unit can sometimes be bought at the storage facility, or you can buy one at your local home improvement store. The round type work well, as they are more resistant to bolt cutters in case someone plans to help themselves to the contents of your unit.

If you are storing mattresses or clothing, use them to cushion delicate items as they can actually work even better than the padding you might buy for the specific purpose. Glass and mirrors can go between mattresses and breakables can be wrapped in sweaters, t-shirts, dish towels, and other linens.

If you are storing motorized and/or mechanical tools, you will want to be sure to prepare them for long term inactivity. You’ll want to contain small and fragile knick-knacks and keepsakes in a box clearly marked and cushioned from potential breakage.

Packing proper for self storage means using the right materials, cushion fragile things and mark your boxes. Doing the basics will provide you with a great self storage experience!