How to Handle a Complaint with a Self Storage Facility

Occasionally, something may go wrong at a storage facility.


Pennsylvania Public Storage – When you rent or purchase something, there may just be something that you don’t feel is fair or right and will find it necessary to complain. While some industries receive lots of regular complaints, those in the self storage business don’t often receive complaints as they are generally in touch with their clientele and well aware of what goes on in their facilities.

On the odd chance that you may find something you would like to resolve, such as the gate code doesn’t work, the trash cans are overflowing, or you think there’s been a break-inthere are some better than other ways to go about it. You should receive a respectful answer from your self-storage facility owner, or manager.

Here are 3 simple steps to follow to best address your complaint;self storage complaint

  1. Write down your complaint and make it simple.
  2. Don’t attack anyone personally, and simply state your issue.
  3. A several page dissertation about the way the manager is dressed, or how the code box isn’t working for the umpteenth time will be better addressed in simple and non-personal terms.

These tips do not only apply to self storage facilities, but to any business which you find it necessary to address. The old saying “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar” applies in most instances when dealing with a customer complaint.

When you have written your problem down on paper, be sure to date and sign it. Place all of your contact information on the page so whoever receives it can easily find you to help straighten out the problem. They may have questions about the problem you are having. Try to cooperate with them so you can work together to resolve the situation.

When contacted by the manager, an employee, or the owner, you should expect a courteous response. Most will listen to you carefully and you may get an apology. Though a courteous response and an apology won’t fix the problem at hand, you’ll know that your concerns are being addressed and that you are respected as a paying customer.

self storage managerAny storage facility owner understands the importance of making customers happy and how it affects their word of mouth referral advertising. If they don’t address your concerns about the gate codes not working, for example, you can simply move your stuff to someone else’s facility. They understand that you will most likely discuss this with friends and family, which is definitely not good for business.

In today’s economy you can expect to be treated with respect as a consumer. If not, you have the option to cease your business relationship with this facility.