House Sellers – Make Use Of Self Storage Before Home Staging

House Sellers Make Use Of Self Storage

While most people only consider the use of self storage facilities at the time of moving, allow us to present to you the idea that a self storage facility may actually be of great use to you even before home staging.

If you have just decided to sell your house, no doubt home staging is one of the things that is uppermost in your mind apart from ways and means of advertising your home sale.

To begin with there are many articles of your house that should ideally be removed before you stage it to potential home buyers. First of all articles of personalization. When home buyers come to view the house it is important to allow them to get a sense of what it would be like it they inhabited the house they are viewing. Too many personal articles come in the way of them being able to imagine this with clarity. Hence, these articles must e removed.

The second important set of things that you want removed are those items of furniture and décor that you intend to take to your new house. It is not uncommon for home buyers to request that you throw them in as part of the deal to sweeten it. Unless you are willing to do so, you should take these items out and even replace them with rented pieces, if need be.

It is also important to de-clutter the house and make it look organized. We tend to have far too many belongings in the house that we do not need on a regular basis, even though we do not want to discard them. These ought to be the third set of items that need to be removed from the premises to provide more space and make everything look more roomier, even the storage spaces.

Now, if you have not already bought a new place before selling the old house, the best place for you to store these items would be in a self storage facility. Ideally, you should choose one that is close to your current house, in case you need to collect an item at any point in time. Ideally, take the storage space for three months with the possibility of extending the period, if required. This should give you enough time to find a buyer as well as a new house.