How to Know What Self Storage Unit Size You’ll Need

What size self storage unit will you need? There are several options for sizes and one size will fit what you need. If you need more than available, you can always rent two side by size for your convenience.

Renting a self storage unit may be something you’ve decided to do. Your initial decision was based on the fact that you have excess stuff in and around the house that needs to be stored somewhere out of the way. It’s a good decision as without this option you would have to sell, trash, or give away things that perhaps you know you’ll need later.

What Self Storage Unit Size You'll NeedWith this decision comes the details. Now that you know you will be storing some things, it’s time to figure out how much self storage you really need. There are many different sizes and not all facilities have the same options. Some of the most basic and common sizes are:

  • 5’ by 5’
  • 5’ by 10’
  • 5’ by 15’
  • 10’ by 10’
  • 10’ by 15’
  • 10’ by 20’
  • and the largest is usually 10’ by 20’.

These containers are most often placed side by side with roll up doors in rows that are accessed by paved driveways. If you need 2 units, you can try getting them side by side for your convenience. It will depend what you are storing and how much of it there is.

  • A 5’ by 5’ or 10’ will handle what fits into a small or medium room. This would be the common size to rent if you are storing the contents of an office or den with desk, office chair, lamps, shelves, and boxes. A 5’ by 15’ unit will hold a small apartment worth of things from 2 separate rooms or a studio apartment. In this size you’ll be able to store a bed and dresser, shelving, personal items and boxes or the contents of a larger office.
  • A medium large storage unit will hold the items from a small house of 3 or 4 rooms in size. This might include beds, a dining set and chairs, casual chairs, and a sofa along with several shelving units and boxes of personal items and books. This would require a 10’ by 10’ or a 10’ by 15’ room.
  • The larger 10’ by 20’ and 10’ by 25’ units are large enough to hold an entire small to medium sized house contents. This is the type unit you will want if you plan to store most of your household while you are out of town, perhaps renting out your house, or waiting to move to a new home. Washers and dryers, a refrigerator, beds, furniture, and all sorts of other household items will fit into one of these sizes.

Need help choosing what self storage unit size would be best for your needs? Contact us and we would be happy to to help.