How to Pack Boxes for Self Storage

When you pack boxes for self storage, you will want to find a good way to pack everything up so it doesn’t get damaged, stained, or otherwise ruined. You should also be able to find it easily enough in case you need it.

Boxes are the gold standard when it comes to putting things up for storage. Pick the correct box for whatever you are to be storing and there is better likelihood that you will be happy to see your undamaged items when you once again unpack the boxes. Dishes and breakables are going to require different containers than sweaters. Sweaters don’t break and can be compacted and smashed together without harm while dishes must have enough room for bubble wrap or other cushioning.

How to Pack Boxes for Self StorageMoving companies are good places to buy specialized boxes if you have particularly breakable items. They have boxes designed to protect dishes and valuable knick knacks as well as boxes for clothing and everything but the kitchen sink.

Once you have the right box for the items, begin to place the items in the box. While you are loading the box be sure to write down what you are putting in the box. You can either keep the lists of box contents or correspond with each box by giving it a number that is also the number on the list.

For example, if you have men’s clothing for summer in 3 boxes, you might label the boxes M Summer 1 of 3, 2 of 3, and 3 of 3. Then you would have the lists of contents for the boxes labeled in the same way.

This is a good way to keep track of where you put the Hawaiian swim trunks when you need them for a January luau at the country club. When you place the boxes in the storage facility, be sure to place them with the label side out so you can see your markings.

You’d be surprised how glad you will be that you did this one small step.

When you pack boxes for self storage, each box should always be filled to capacity. There should be no open space that is not filled with items or packing to protect them. When there is empty space there is the possibility of the box being crushed or the contents shifting. With it filled completely you are less likely to have breakage if the box is dropped or set upside down or sideways.

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