5 Qualities of a Good Self Storage Facility

The storing of personal items in a self storage facility can be easy if you know what to look for in your ideal unit. Know what you need and what to look for before you start your search.

Looking for a good self storage facility in which to store your items is not difficult if you know what to look for. The first thing you must know is what you might expect from a decent facility. Then you can take your search from there.

5 Qualities of a Good Self Storage Facility

1. Look for a place with easy access for renters. It shouldn’t be easy access for anybody, as that will put your unit, and possibly even you, at a disadvantage and vulnerable to thieves. You will want to gain access through a secure means available only to those who pay rent for a unit.
2. Some places have pin pads with ever changing combinations at a main gate. Some have on-site managers that monitor the entryway and will let their renters in. Those situations might not be 24 hour access, though, so determine whether or not you need that before you look. You may save a bit of money if 24 hour access isn’t necessary.

Unit sizes are important. If the facility you look at has only large garage sized units that are too much for what you have, you’ll be paying too much for the empty space. Those with very small units might mean that you will have to rent 2 or 3 units to accommodate what you have, which may not be cost effective.

Look for adequate lighting and a general feeling that the area is safe.

3. If you will be storing sensitive items that need a particular climate to maintain their value, there are self storage businesses that provide that climate. Fine wine storage, antique furniture, and artwork are examples of those things that must be kept in specific temperatures and humidity levels out of the weather. Perhaps you simply need to keep your things dry and rodent free. Look for a unit that has what you need. If the closest business doesn’t have these features, keep looking, as you may find a better option just down the road. Where items will simply be stored for a specific time period and you don’t need to access them on a regular basis, consider that factor as well.

4. The security and cleanliness of the site will tell you a lot about the facility and its management. Look for clean, well maintained grounds. Look for adequate lighting and a general feeling that the area is safe. Dangling electrical cords, broken doors or locks, and trash strewn about are not good signs that your items will be watched over and stored securely.

5. The management is important to your total experience so choose a facility whose managers take pride in their establishment.

Ideal Self Storage offers storage units in a variety of sizes from as small as 5×5, to as large as 17×24, and many sizes in between, including exterior units and interior hallway units. We also offer parking for your boat, RV or trailer as well.

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