Renting A Truck Makes the Move Easier

Renting A Truck Makes the Move Easier

Rent a moving truck to facilitate your move whether you’re moving things into storage or moving to a new home across town. Rental trucks are reasonably priced and are set up specifically for moving large and awkward items.

Moving from one house to another is quite a chore, as most everyone knows. If you must move it all yourself, you will need to rent a truck to carry it all in. It becomes a necessity, as you can only fit so many boxes in your car trunk. A personal pickup truck is a popular way to move, but you’ll need to do a cost analysis before you do so, as the gas money it will require to make several trips could end up costing you more than it would to rent a convenient moving truck.

Local moves are fairly reasonable in price. There are several advantages to rental trucks that are not available when you use Uncle Bob’s trusty pickup. If you have just one load to take to the storage facility, it might be just what you need. When you move a several bedroom house, though, going to the storage unit and to the new house, you will have to make many trips in the standard pickup. At the gas prices these days, that could be quite expensive.

One of the best things about using a rental truck to move your items is that they often come with furniture dollies, appliance dollies, and most have a large rear loading step that hydraulically moves up and down. You can load a heavy sofa bed from the ground level, and then raise the step up to the level of the truck. You won’t need to lift anything up into the truck or down out of the truck when you get to the storage facility or to your new home.

Some self storage facilities have their own trucks for you to rent or borrow. Some have agreements with other local truck rental businesses that will offer you a discount because you are a customer of the storage business. Do some calling to see what you can find. You may just figure out that a rental truck will be of great advantage to you in trying to move what you have. When you can move everything in one trip it makes the whole move go more smoothly. If you are moving a distance, then you will definitely not be able to make several trips back and forth.

A rental truck may be the best thing you can do to facilitate one of the largest tasks ever on your family’s ‘to do’ list.