Secure Self Storage in Pennsylvania – What to Look For

When you are in need of extra space you can always rent a self storage unit. There are self storage units in nearly every town throughout the nation, but they are not all created equal…

…Some are much better than others, so you should have a checklist of features when you are looking for one.

The best in storage unit companies are often very obvious from the moment you see them. The best companies keep their units clean. The driveway will be in good repair. The signage should be well placed and not run down. Things like fresh paint and well kept landscaping are signs that whoever owns and operates the unit cares about the quality that the business offers.

Self Storage PennsylvaniaA well kept business is a great sign that you will be dealing with a good quality product. When you are getting ready to put your valuable items or your business equipment in storage, you’ll want to put them where you know they’ll be cared for. Even though the staff at the self storage rental place don’t actually have any interaction with your stored stuff, you know that they take great care in securing the facility, keeping it clean, and making it a safe place for you and your items.

Look for good pavement without cracks and potholes. Look for well lighted units and driveways. Security is very important so you have peace of mind leaving your things there. Most decent storage companies today offer keypad entry, which keeps the thieves out and allows you in when you need access to your unit. Look for varying sizes of units so you have a choice of price and size to fit your needs.

A secure storage company will offer fencing, lighting, and an on-site manager. Companies that provide a manager full time are concerned with your experience. They want you to feel that your items are watched over and that they are there if you need them.

Also, with full time on-site management there are other conveniences available. Clean and well kept restrooms are available and someone is always there to take your payments, answer questions, and keep an eye on the business.

Many self storage companies now offer online account management. You’ll have the best in self storage when you can conveniently manage your account from your home or office. Rent a unit and pay your rental fees. Look up your history and all through a secure website.