Self Storage for Every Season

There is a season for self storage and every season is a reason to think about how a self storage unit can help create extra space in your home throughout the year!

You’ll love the extra space in your house when those once per year items are out of the way until they are needed once again. Storing your off season items in a rented self storage unit makes good sense. You can take out what you need.

Self Storage for Every SeasonBelow is a small list of your typical household seasonal items where a self storage unit can help create some extra space for you home or apartment!

Summer Self Storage – Patio furniture, cushions, the market umbrella, and water toys should be put away in the storage container after the end of summer. Tents and camping gear, summer clothing, the grill, bicycles, and the remote control airplane you enjoyed on hot summer evenings can be stored away until next year.

Fall Self Storage – Once all of the leaves are off the trees and winter starts to set in, you won’t be needing your rakes and leaf blower. You can now put them away until you need them once again.

Winter Self Storage – Place all of your holiday decorations and special clothing in the storage unit. Use specially designed boxes and containers to hold your ornaments, lights, and anything that’s awkward or particularly fragile, but sentimental to your family. This is when you would place your skis, heavy snow boots and winter gear, and sleds in storage.

Spring Self Storage – Planting pots and equipment you won’t use as summer comes around, the heavier curtains in trade for the lighter summer ones, and the rain gear you use every spring without fail can be put away until next storm season. The once a year gardening and yard tools that prepare the garden and fertilize the yard can also be stored at this time. You won’t need your rototiller once you’ve planted the garden.

You can see how rotating your items out throughout the seasons will make the best and most economical use of your rented storage unit. Use it as an extended room in which you store off season items. You’ll love the extra space in your house when those once per year items are out of the way until they are needed once again. It’s not too permanent, either, if you put something away that you find you need. Simply go to the storage unit and retrieve it.

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