Self-Storage Units – What You Can Not Store

Self-storage units are without a doubt the most preferred ways to get space for unnecessary and excess items from the house or home.

One can store virtually every item in a self-storage facility until a time when you are in need of them or have space to keep them.

However, the self-storage facilities being public places that are shared with other people, it necessary for one to be mindful of what they store there. For this reason, there are items that are not allowed in the storage units. This is both for the safety of the other tenants and also for the safety of your own items.

When making business or personal storage plans, consider that all storage facilities have restrictions on what they will allow you to store.

Combustible, Flammable, Hazardous Or Toxic Materials

Considered “inherently dangerous,” these include gasoline, compressed gas, propane tanks, kerosene, lamp and motor oil, acid, grease, corrosives, fertilizers, paint, cleaners, chemicals, narcotics, or hazardous, toxic or biological waste. Asbestos or products containing asbestos are not allowed. You also cannot store fireworks or explosives.

Toxic and dangerous items

Toxic and dangerous items should not be stored in self-storage units. With conditions that fluctuate, you should not store combustible items such as gasoline and compressed gas in self-storage units. These items may explode or catch fire if say the temperatures went too high. Items that could be toxic or cause health hazards such as asbestos and items containing asbestos cannot be stored in public self-storage units.

Weapons and explosives

Weapons and explosives are not allowed in self-storage units. Self -storage units are not places to store firearms and other threatening weapons. In fact, most of the facilities will not allow you to store fireworks as they have the potential to explode.

Medical Supplies and Equipment

For sales representatives that have a lot of medical supplies and equipment to sell, a self-storage unit seems like a convenient concept. However, radioactive equipment, hazardous chemicals, and other agents may not be accepted at storage facilities.

Unregistered Vehicles

whether it be a car, truck, boat, RV, trailer or motorcycle, cannot be stored at a self-storage facility unless the registration is kept current, and in your name. Most self-storage facilities will not let you store another person’s vehicle, even if that person is your good friend or family member.

Biological waste

Biological waste is also not allowed in self-storage facilities. You can also not store live plants and animals in a self – storage unit.

The management of most of the self-storage facilities will give a list of items that are prohibited.