Self Storage Uses For Home or Business in Pennsylvania

A self storage unit can be helpful to you whether you plan to use it for your personal excess items, to store away clutter when you plan to sell your house or move, for your business, or for the recreational items that don’t fit in your driveway or garage.


Kreamer PA Self Storage – Ideal Self Storage: There are several different types of self storage unit and facility, some offering what others don’t and vice versa. A self storage facility may be designed to accommodate only vehicles, boats, RVs, campers, etc. many offer enclosed units that may or may not be climate controlled. There are some self storage facilities that encompass both outdoor vehicle storage and indoor units for items that need more protection.

Self Storage PennsylvaniaPerhaps you are moving to a home that is smaller or doesn’t have the large driveway you had in the original home. You’ll need a place to keep your items. Access varies as some facilities have 24 hour allowable entry with a combination or key to the gate. Some don’t want you to enter after certain hours or before business hours in the morning to control the access and keep the facility secure. It depends on where the facility is located and what the owner prefers.

Your job will be to find one that meets your needs. It isn’t difficult if you know what to look for. Decide what you want to store and for how long. Once you have a good idea of what you’ll be storing, you can determine whether to keep your personal boxed items in a cheaper storage facility that has limited access. Perhaps you’ll want your RV in a facility that has 24 hour access so you can take it out and bring it back when you’d like to.

Find out what you will require as far as security goes. Do you prefer a business that has an onsite manager that lives there or has a 24 hour security guard service? Determine the size you’ll need and look over the contract. Most are pretty straightforward and require you to pay your fee monthly or risk having your items auctioned off by the owner. That’s a legal process that protects the owner from those who don’t pay their monthly fees.

Looking for secure storage units? You’ll find just about any type of storage to suit your needs either temporarily or longer term.

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