Tips for Arranging Your Self Storage Unit

If you plan to rent a self storage unit to give you more space in your house, here are a few tips you’ll want to know that will help you arrange everything to help you find it and use it as needed.

You won’t get as much out of your self storage unit if you to store your Christmas decorations and summer sports items and can’t find them easily in your self storage facility when the season comes around. Many people end up running out to buy things to get them through the season because they have no idea where their things are within the storage unit. This can definitely be avoided with just a little planning and some creativity.

Use Shelves that You Are Storing

Tips for Arranging Your Self Storage UnitFind as many shelves and cabinets as you can to place inside your self storage unit. Leave one end or side of the unit open so you can store larger items or use the space the sort and maneuver around among your things. This will probably require that you rent a unit slightly larger than what you are storing, but if it is household goods that you will need to find when the time comes to use them, it will be worth a few extra dollars to rent a unit big enough to give you room for organization.

Beware of the Box Dilemma

Smaller items will need to be boxed but beware of the box dilemma. You know what’s where in the boxes today, but will you remember 6 months from now, or can another family member find those things? The easy solution is to label each box. Cardboard can be written on with a marker on the short side and the long side of the box, as well as the top. Plastic containers can be purchased clear, so you can see what’s inside, or you can use masking tape for labels.

Think Ahead

Stuffing everything into a unit works if you don’t think you’ll need anything that’s stored inside. Leave yourself some extra room if you need to have your things organized and need room to move between shelving units and cabinets. Arrange the shelving units to make the best of the space. Placing them along the walls may not be the best use of the space. Try putting shelves perpendicular to the walls. Think library shelves when you are trying to picture it.

Get the Right Size Unit

With any seasonal storage it’s best to make sure you are getting the right size unit for your needs. It doesn’t make sense to rent a larger space and it can be frustrating to be stuck with something too small.

With this kind of setup, and your items organized by season or subject, you’ll be able to enter the storage unit and have some idea of where those Christmas lights might be.

Self Storage units are needed at all times of the year, but the demand in the summer significantly increases. We strongly suggest that you act early to get the unit size that is best for you. We welcome you to contact your nearest Ideal Self Storage location to determine what space would work best for you.