Tips When Packing Your Items Into a Self Storage Unit

Renting a self storage unit is something that anyone can do and there is hardly a easier way to store things.

Anyone can rent a self storage unit from a local storage facility. They are an economical and convenient way to either temporarily store or, if required, store for over a long period of time. Those who are moving from one home to another may want to put some of their furniture in storage until they get to the new home. Selling a house might involve decreasing the volume of items in the house, but the owners don’t want to part with their things permanently. Many businesses also take advantage of self storage units as a sort of second warehouse for some of their bulkier inventory that’s too big for the store.

No matter what you’re storing, here are a few tips when packing your items into a self storage unit.

Packing Your Items Into Self Storage UnitAvoid Heavy Lifting Injuries

To avoid injuring your back or your muscles picking up heavy or awkward pieces, always use a hand cart, also called a dolly, which can often be borrowed or rented from a local self storage facility itself. There are refrigerator dollies, for example, that are specifically designed to easily maneuver very heavy appliances.

Avoid Using Plastic Bags

When packing your things up, avoid using plastic trash bags. Plastic can promote the growth of mildew and ruin them. Pack items that are of a similar category into the same box or at least in the same area of the unit. Mark each small container well with the contents in a place that can be seen if you have to come back and try to find something.

Storing Mirrors

When storing mirrors, pictures, glass table tops or the like, a great place to store these items as well as to provide extra protection is in between mattresses. For extra protection, cardboard corners can be purchased to protect the sharpest, weakest areas of frames. Mirror boxes offer exceptional all-round protection.

Storing Vacuums

Something many people don’t think about before hand when storing vacuum cleaners is emptying the bag! Typically the last thing you may do is last ‘sweep’ of the place we are moving out of and then you may forget to empty the bag. When storing a vacuum cleaner, always remember to clean out the bag or canister first to avoid bacteria and mold accumulation.

Heavy Items

This might sound like a simple enough idea, but many people don’t plan ahead when storing heavy items. Always place the heavier items on the bottom and lighter things near the top. However, plan this in a way that you can place frequently accessed items towards the front of your unit and the less frequently needed and heavier items placed toward the rear of your unit. If possible, leave a walkway down the center of your unit to make accessing items easier.

Making More Space

It is amazing all of the items that you can fit in even the smallest of self storage units. One of the largest wastes of space is typically large and/or awkward furniture. Carefully positioning your large, bulky furniture so it stacks together will avoid wasted space. Chairs, for example, can be placed atop each other or alternately seat to seat with one upside down for more efficiency.

Pack your smaller items is small boxes that will fit inside drawers and larger appliances, such as stoves and refrigerators. These are also ideal places to store smaller items like towels, linens, toys, etc.

We hope these tips will help make your self storage experience more efficient and organized.