Perks and Incentives that Self Storage Facilities Offer

The number of self storage facilities across the country is steadily rising. There is no doubt that the demand for such facilities is increasing and the number of facilities coming up is just a reflection of that demand.

It is important to realize that all self storage facilities are not identical. Some offer more features and services than others, just like any other business in the world. But, there are a number of common factors in all self storage facilities. Let us now look at what they are:

Perks and Incentives that Self Storage Facilities Offer

To begin with, a self storage facility is a facility that gives you storage space to store your belongings yourself. You are given the key to the storage space and you are the only one who can access it. You can determine the size of the space you need for storage within certain parameters.

It is the job of the facility to ensure that your belongings are kept safe from all types of damage that may be caused by the weather, insects, burglars, etc. These are the very basic tenets of self storage facilities.

Now, we come to advanced features that may be offered by self storage facilities. Firstly, many self storage facilities are now electronic. This means that you have an electronic door to your storage space that opens when you key in your pass key.

Many self storage facilities also offer insurance for the goods that you store. For a small premium, you can ensure that you will get your belongings insured.

There are a number of additional perks and incentives that self storage facilities offer. For instance, if you need the self storage facilities for a long period of time, they will usually offer you a price discount, a month free or anything similar. you just have to ask.

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