When You Decide to Rent a Self Storage Unit

There are responsibilities that belong to you when you decide to rent a storage unit.

Putting your excess ‘stuff’ in self storage will require that you participate in a portion of the process. That’s why it’s called self storage. You can literally rent your own garage space. It’s like having a garage in addition to the one you already have without building one on your lawn. You can take your things there and store them for the contract period as long as you keep the contract current.

There are responsibilities that belong to you when you decide to rent a self storage unit. You will, for example, be required to transport your own items to the facility. When you get them there you will place them in the unit you have rented. You can put them in any order you’d like or you can just open the door and throw them in at random, which is not recommended, but certainly within your rights to do so.

You are renting a space. The facility will be obligated to keep the space well lit, clean (except inside your unit), the security maintained according to what you were promised when you signed the contract, and they will collect your rent. If you rent a unit with electrical power, they will have to keep it on for you.

When you are looking at storage facilities to rent, keep these things in mind and be sure that you know what will be done for you in exchange for the money you pay in rent. Have the manager also explain to you what your responsibilities are if this is the first time you’ve rented a storage unit.

You’ll want to know such things as whether or not there are furniture or appliance dollies available for you to use when you unload and load. If not, you’ll want to rent one for your moving day. Some businesses have them for the customer’s convenience. If you will be bringing heavy items, be sure to find out whether someone works there that can help you to unload your truck if you need help. That’s usually not included and if not, you’ll have to be adequate help of your own.